Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

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Instead reaching for a refreshing drink, and instead of wrestling with heavy bottles or waiting for the tap to run, you have an elegant and efficient solution right at your fingertips. Enter the Aquafresh Water Dispenser, a stylish and functional appliance that elevates your water experience to new heights. While a simple glass offers basic hydration, the Aquafresh Water Dispenser offers a refined and convenient approach. Investing in an Aquafresh Water Dispenser is an investment in a more convenient, stylish, and potentially healthier approach to hydration.

Water Dispenser Price- INR-18000/-


Benefits & Key Features of Water Dispenser


  • It has Effortless Hydration.
  • You can feel the joy of one-touch dispensing. Simply press a button, and enjoy a refreshing stream of cool, filtered waterwithout the hassle of pouring or lifting heavy bottles.
  • Enhanced Taste and Temperature:Say goodbye to lukewarm tap water. Choose from chilled or room temperature options to suit your preference, and enjoy the improved taste delivered by the built-in filtration system.
  • It comes in a Stylish Addition.
  • This dispenser is not just functional; it’s also a sleek and elegant additionto your kitchen or office space.
  • Its modern design complements various styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your environment.
  • From adjustable dispensing heights to removable drip trays for easy cleaning, the Aquafresh Water Dispenser offers various features for personalized and convenient use.

Key Features:

  • It has multiple temperature options.
  • You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing between chilled or room temperature water, catering to individual preferences and seasonal desires.
  • It has built-in water Filtration System.
  • You can feel improved taste and potentially healthier water with the integrated filtration system that eliminates impurities and enhances overall quality.
  • It has a large Capacity.
  • The dispenser boasts a generous water reservoir, minimizing the need for frequent refilling and ensuring a readily available supply of clean water.

Water Dispenser Machine Specifications

Options Hot and Cold Both
Brand Aquafresh
Capacity 5 to 10 Litres
Usage & Application Office
Color White
Installation Type Wall Mounted


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