Water Cooler

Water Cooler

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The  Water Cooler stands as your personal oasis of refreshment, offering a convenient and reliable source of cool, clean water whenever you need it most. The Aquafresh Water Cooler offers a superior experience:

Advantages and Main Features of Water Cooler Machine 


  • It provides effortless hydration at Your Fingertips.
  • Now, you can say goodbye to fumbling with bottles and caps. The easily accessible dispensing levers allow you to fill your glass or bottle with ease, perfect for busy households or workplaces.
  • With beat the heat with refreshing, cool water dispensed at the ideal temperature. No more waiting for ice to melt or lukewarm tap water.
  • It Improved Taste and Quality of the drinking water.
  • You can enjoy enhanced water quality with the optional built-in filtration system, removing impurities and delivering potentially healthier drinking water.
  • It removes the need for constantly purchasing bottled water. The Aquafresh Water Cooler is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your hydration needs.

Main Features:  

  • It has multiple Dispensing Options:
  • Choose from hot and cold water dispensers to cater to various preferences and beverage requires.
  • There are a few large capacities.
  • The water cooler boasts a generous internal tank, minimizing the need for frequent refilling and ensuring a continuous supply of cool water.
  • With the Easy Maintenance, The user-friendly design allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance, keeping your water cooler functioning optimally for years to come.
  • There are lots of Safety Features, so that you can avail peace of mind with child safety locks on the hot water dispenser, ensuring safety and preventing accidental scalding.


Water Cooler Price – INR-43000/-


Investing in an Aquafresh Water Cooler is an investment in convenience, cost-effectiveness, and potentially healthier hydration. It’s the perfect solution for offices, homes, or any space where you need a reliable source of cool, refreshing water.

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