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RO Service Team work

What We Really Do

Aquafresh RO is an officially company owned online shopping store. Get latest Models with best offers and benefits. In India Aquafresh RO has been researching and manufacturing high tech products and also makes it affordably pricing to reach for every households. Aquafresh RO implements ISO9001 Quality Management System. Our team aim to provide personalized customer service and emphasize on-time delivery to satisfy all aspects of customer’s requirements. Please feel free to call +91-8800133166 (also on whats App).

Aquafresh ro systems provides our clients with the most genuine products and services, to meet all their needs and satisfactions. All the products are provided at very effective prices, that can be afforded by all categories of people.

Our Vision

Vision to Transform your Drinking Habits!

Indeed a visionary craft that took first breath in 1999 to ensure the quality of water in every corner of the colonial arena was the artistry of Aquafresh RO as an fundamental organization to service the most essential portion of human life and counting biosphere that has either evaluated and evolved till now. As a team of professionals, oriented consultants, evidential manufactures and benchmarking experts, we developed the vision of removing contamination and pseudo molecules from drinking hydro portions of human life in order to ensure their proportionate growth and induced potential that was faded with current biochemical pollutants that hold the capacity to reach our meal plates and drinking glasses. Due to growing pollution, ground water at water table is also contaminated. But we as a budding block magnified our vision into reality that can remove the pollutant agent from the drinking water making water safer than ever! Aquafresh RO has stood with the visionary charm of mixing the favourable contents in drinking water to ensure healthy and sustainable life by the medium of physical, biological, chemical and artificial processes embedded with advancements of latest technology and methodologies that add certain value to your drinking water!

Aquafresh Vision

From the foundation year till now, we are headed to offer the finest water purification services for all types of the customers as per their needs. We are using the latest technologies for water purification procedure so that everyone can drink clean, pure, and healthy drinking water. Our water purification procedure includes purification, filtration, compression, unification, microfiltration, chlorination, and desalination to purify the water up to the drinking level. From eliminating ions to improving the mineral value, we carefully study and assess each step to make sure the maximum fruitful productivity of the water.

Our Approach for Microbes & Germs

Aquafresh water systems are fully equipped with UF, RO, and UV technology. These advanced technologies are highly capable sufficient to kill germs, microbes, germs, and viruses. And we also refine TDS, and block chemical and harmful impurities, while preserving necessary minerals in the pure drinking water. The water quality is properly monitored by us, so all customers can drink pure water.

Installation and Maintenance Process

Having immense years of experience and proficiency in the water purification field, we have become the first choice of our potential customers.  Highly dedicated in offering installation, Quality AMC services, and maintenance of Aquafresh water purifiers in all the regions of Delhi, and India, our proficient engineers and trained technicians have extensive experience of handling different types of models of Aquafresh ROs and water purifier.

Assurance of quality water

We use the filters for purifying the water as per the standard of health and safety guidelines to offer improved quality of the drinking water.

Installation & Maintenance services

Our proficient engineers and trained technicians are always available to help you for installing Aquafresh water purifiers in the correct ways. We are also dedicated for maintenance services and keep our valued customers happy and satisfied.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to concentrate on the customer’s needs and demands. We work dedicatedly to fulfill the growing needs of our customers. Our main objective is to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Product Quality

We assure our potential customers about the quality of our water purifiers products. Our Aquafresh water purifiers are fully loaded with advanced technology and automatic filter system for pure and clean drinking water.

What can we do for you ?

Our customer care team is always ready to help you, whenever you have any problems with your water purifier. Our team is available 24 hours to help you for any difficulty.

We are fully dedicated in delivering the best quality services to our valued customers. Our services always keep our customers hassle free and give a happy and healthy life with full purification water system.

We are fully dedicated in delivering the best quality services to our valued customers. Our services always keep our customers hassle free and give a happy and healthy life with full purification water system.

We are offering 24 hour customer care services for Aquafresh users, who are using Aquafresh water purifiers for pure, clean, and healthy drinking water. Our customer care executives are available 24 hours to provide the solution for all types of queries.

We have a list of 200 happy and satisfied customers, who have enjoyed our top-quality products and reliable customer care services. Our products have made the customers happy and healthy. Our services are available 24 hours for the valued customers.

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