RO Service Kit 1

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Service Kit 2 is a comprehensive set of replacement filters designed to maintain the optimal performance and longevity of your Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification system. Regularly replacing these filters ensures clean, safe, and delicious drinking water for you and your family. RO Service Kit 1 is the cornerstone of your system’s health, offering essential maintenance to ensure your water continues to flow fresh, clean, and safe.

The necessity of RO Service Kit One

  • After 12 months RO needs to change all these 3 filters.
  • Pre-Filter traps 5-micron physical dust.
  • Sediment Cartridge traps 1-5 micron physical impurities like dust, mud etc.
  • Carbon Cartridge absorbs the bad smell, bad colour, bad taste. It caused due to chemical impurities.
  • It is very necessary to change these filters after specific intervals (advisable at 12 months) to maintain the purity of your equipment.

RO Service Kit One Advantages and Main Features

Advantages of RO Service Kit 1

  • The pre-carbon filter acts as the fundamental effectively removing chlorine, taste, and odor impurities before they can reach the vital RO membrane.
  • This protects the membrane and ensures its continued effectiveness.
  • The post-carbon filter acts as the final polish, removing any lingering taste or odor after the RO membrane’s purification process. This ensures your water tastes every time you take a sip.
  • The sediment filter acts as the unseen hero, silently removing sand, silt, and other physical impurities from your water supply. This protects the entire system from clogging and ensures smooth operation.
  • Replacing these necessary filters regularly is a proactive and affordable way to maintain your RO system’s health and performance.
  • This saves you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Key Features:

  • Essential Filter Trio: This kit includes the pre-carbon, post-carbon, and sediment filters, addressing the most crucial aspects of initial purification and taste enhancement.
  • Easy Replacement: Designed for effortless installation, you can replace the filters in RO Service Kit 1 yourself, ensuring convenient maintenance without needing professional assistance.
  • Peace of Mind Protection: Knowing your RO system is equipped with fresh filters offers unparalleled  
  • Compatible Choices: You can select from a range of RO Service Kit 1 options, ensuring compatibility with various Aquafresh RO system models for seamless integration and optimal performance.

RO Service kit Price- INR-1400/-

RO Service Kit Specifications

Serial No Parts Change Working of Part Approx. Life Cycle Cost
1 Spun Candle Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc. 6 months or 3000 liters Rs. 250
2 Sediment Cartridge Remove physical impurities like dust, mud etc. 12 month or 6000 liters Rs. 450
3 Carbon cartridge Reduce Chemical impurities like chorines etc. 12 month or 6000 liters Rs. 450
Visiting Charges Rs. 250
Total :  Rs. 1400/-

Terms & Conditions.

  • The life of these filters depends upon the quantity of water usage and the quality of input raw water.
  • It is recommended to change these filters after 12 months/6000 ltrs if the input water is below the limits like turbidity < 1 NTU, Iron <0.1 PPM, etc.
  • The filters can be used earlier and there is no warranty for these filters because these are consumable items.
  • This is a one-time service charge and it does not carry any liabilities in future.
  • These parts are not reducing TDS Level in the water because the only Membrane can reduce the TDS.

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