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Choosing the right RO water purifier for is a challenge as when it comes to our health, what we eat and drink will affect it. The human body can live without eating food for a couple of days but cannot survive without drinking water. The best way to get rid of all the impurities in our drinking water is via RO purification.

Gone are those days where we would put the water to boil just to kill the impurities in it. Water has a million impurities that will not be killed with simply boiling it. With the increase in water pollution, it has become tough to get clean drinking water without using any purification process.

RO purification is known to be the most effective process for destroying the most harmful impurities from drinking water that have heavy metals and dissolved salts. The impurities cannot be cured and could have a lasting effect on the body. Most of the impurities could lead to cancer and birth defects. The market has a range of water purifier like gravity water purifier and UV water purifier, which are often used for water purification.

They are ideal for minimum TDS of water. As there are several impurities found in water, the water purifiers are the only sources that can remove them within minutes.

Detailed Buying Guide for RO water Purifier

You can buy the best RO water purifier for your home as simply going to the store and buying any water purifier is not good enough. Your family’s health is highly dependent on the chosen water purifier. You should be aware of some of the basic methods of water purification.

Things to Consider While Buying a Water Purifier

  • The quality of water
  • Quality of RO membrane

What are various filters used in RO purifier?

Apart from RO membrane, there are various filters accessible in an RO water purifier. Each filter is used to remove various kinds of impurities in the water. The pre-filers in an RO water purifier help in maintaining the RO membrane’s life like sediments and carbon filters.

Apart from the above mentioned, one has to consider things like

  • Does the purified water have minerals?
  • Maintaining and servicing of the RO water purifier
  • Is the water purifier company certified?
  • Storage capacity
  • Ease of operations

Therefore, with all the information given, one should not have any problem in looking for a perfect purifier for their home. In case, there is any sort of question or in need of information, then they can get in touch with the company experts.

Why Commercial Water Purifier is Important for Us?

There are harmful elements seen in the water systems that make a commercial water purifier highly important. People are worried about the cleanness of their drinking water. Research has spoken about dangerous metals being found in most tap waters.

It could lead to several health issues, if drunk every day and the treatment could turn out to be highly expensive. This is the reason why several businesses are changing to purified water and the best way to do it is to install a commercial RO water purifier.

It is important to drink fresh, clean and pure drinking water to attain good health. Commercial water purifier use advanced technology to get rid of harmful chemicals and others present in the water enabling it to improve the quality of the drinking water.

Purified water will have minimum metals, impurities and chemical pollution as compared to tap water. Users have often reported the vast improvement in the taste of purified water. As compared to the bitter taste of tap water, purified water is clean and tastes pure and fresh.

The demand for water purifiers have increased due to the detailed information about the several perils of not purifying it. People have stopped taking tap water for granted. People are responsible for their own health and well-being, the demand increases. Drinking daily water becomes healthy and enjoyable.

You have to evaluate your needs first when it comes to buying a water purifier. Your water in your area has to be taken into account when comes to buying one. To make your decision easier, you can ask for expert help and ask them test the water at home to know what kind of purifier to buy.

You have to consider all your options like your budget and the type you want to buy, according to your needs. There are a million reasons why you should buy a commercial water purifier. You can easily find the right water purifier system for your home or office, with a little of research.

In case you are still confused about what kind to buy, Aquafresh is the best place to ask for help.

Some Health Benefits of Drinking Pure & Healthy Water

A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, which of course comes with drinking a lot of water. It is the necessity of life, which cannot be replaced as it regulates the body’s functions. It is essential, as one has to understand that our body comprises of 75% water, which is found both inside and outside cells. The amount of water drunk every day plays a significant role in maintaining good health.

You end up feeling dehydrated and weak if you do not drink enough water as normal consumption keeps the body fresh. Professionals say a person should drink at least eight to 10 glasses a day.

Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Improves Digestion

    It is a proven fact that if one ate less and consumed less water, it could lead to constipation. Drinking a lot of water helps improve bowl movements and digesting of food. Warm water is the best for digestive health, which is often recommended by doctors.

  2. Removes wrinkles and pimples

    Wrinkles and Pimples are removed from the face with drinking a lot of water, which in turn improves your looks.

  3. Helps lose weight

    Drink water at regular intervals and your appetite will be in check. You could end up eating less or only what is needed. It avoids retention of fluid and makes you fit and healthy.

  4. Reduces toxins from the body

    Known to be the perfect detoxifier, it flushes out all the harmful toxins form the body in the form of sweat and urine. It avoids people from having kidney stones as well. Along with giving you various health benefits, drinking dirty water or unhealthy water, can cause several illnesses. The impure one is known to be water from rivers and streams, which can lead to several diseases.

    Drinking unhealthy water could result in illness like nausea, vomiting and much more.

    What is the solution to these problems?

    The most common way of avoiding falling sick, is to boil water and other is to install a RO water purifier. With this water purifier, your water will be healthy and clean to drink.

    So, go ahead and drink healthy water and avoid falling sick.

  5. RO v/s UV Water Purifier: Know the Difference

    In the present day, the two common kinds of purifier’s are reverse osmosis and UV water purifiers. It is often taken for granted that RO water purifiers are better than UV purifiers. High levels of purifications are offered by RO, while UV offer various forms of filtration as UV light can kill bacteria and viruses.

    Now the question that pops up is how to select a water purifier? It should highly depend on the drinking water of your locality. You should buy an RO if the water has more ions. A Kent RO is completely noise free, has inbuilt total dissolved salt control, and if in case the levels of minerals are low choose UV purifiers.

    Difference between UV and RO Water Purifiers

    RO systems

    Water is purified using RO technology, which is completely different from osmosis technology. Dirt particles found in the water are removed. There are minimum chances of minimizing bacteria when compared to UV water purifier.

    How does it operate?

    RO purifiers have a bone that filters the dissolved solids and particles like bacteria. It can minimize the germs in the water and hence is a water cleaning process. Filtering of chemical and microbes keep the family safe, as kids are prone to falling sick with foreign particles.

    The RO systems move the particles from a high solute concentration to a lower solute concentration by implementing the pressure of incoming water and removing the particles. The RO functions opposite to osmosis, as it moves the molecules of water from a high to low concentration with the pressure of incoming water that push across the membrane.

    Ultra Violet System

    The system functions with UV rays where the germs and microbes are removed with UV rays, making the water pure and healthy.

    How does it function?

    The UV water purifier makes the water borne disease inactive by revealing them to UV rays. It uses UV light source, which is created in such a manner when the water flows through in a flow is bare to UV rays, break through the bacteria and remove the chance of reproducing. The germs are removed with UV rays, giving people pure drinking water.

    These are certain differences in the two water purifiers. There are several such differences, which you will find. Choose wisely and carefully.

  6. Is Your Drinking Water Safe? Know Health of Your Drinking water!

    With all the nasty stories out these days about the water you drink, it is hard to know which water is ideal for our health. We have always used tap water for drinking, whether it is municipal water or a well.

    Bottled water is a safer as it gets the job at times. However, what is the truth? The fact is that there are several contaminants in many of the water supplies, some of which can be harmful to our health. Let us see what comes with drinking water and see how to keep it out.
    Let us begin with tap water that comes from the municipal water systems. It is water purified according to certain rules at the water plant. Nevertheless, the water still has contaminants, which cannot be removed.

    The contaminants have microorganisms, disinfectants and byproducts, inorganic chemicals and radionuclides. The medications put in the water are often not weeded out during the cleansing process. They have certain side effects like gastrointestinal illness, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and pneumonia and ways of leaking into the water supplies

    Disinfectants are added to control the microbes in the water, which are present. The health risks linked with these are anemia, eye and nose irritation, stomach discomfort and much more.

    The inorganic chemicals in the water come from several places. It includes discharges from refineries, runoff from production wastes, decay of asbestos cement in the water mains and discharges of drilling waste.

    There are so many health issues, which are a lot bigger. An increase in cholesterol, a decrease in blood sugars, damaged skin, circulatory system problems and damaged kidneys. The medication effects that come with tap water are unknown. Apart from tap water, water from the wells is not a safe alternative. It could contain bacteria, viruses and protozoa, which if drunk, could lead to yellow fever, abdominal pain and much more.

    Let us look into bottled water. Most people feel they are selecting a safer option by drinking bottled water. The problem is a certain percentage of bottled water comes from municipal water supply.

    Hence, you are paying for your water supply that comes out of the faucet. Your money is going down the drain as the water is not even of germs. Even if you get bottled water, a certain percentage does contain chemical contaminants. It is not the best bet to choose. People have been drinking tap water and bottled water for a long time.

    You often hear about people falling sick from drinking bad water. What If there is a safer option out there, why out your family at risk. There is a safer option out there and it is called water purifier. Go ahead and look for the ideal water purifier. In case you have any more questions, you can get in touch with an expert and get all your questions answered.

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