Annual Maintenance Plan – AMC 1

Annual Maintenance Plan – AMC 1 (Non Comprehensive)

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An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a type of service agreement that provides ongoing maintenance and support for a specific equipment or asset. It is typically used to ensure that the equipment or asset is kept in good working order and is regularly serviced and inspected. While your water purifier may appear clean, internal components work tirelessly to remove impurities. Regular maintenance with AMC 1 ensures these components stay optimized and efficient.

AMC Annual Maintenance Contract Advantages and Main Features 


  • This AMC plan Extend System Life with regular professional maintenance, such as filter replacements and system cleaning, prevents potential breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your water purifier.
  • You can enjoy years of reliable performance without costly repairs or replacements.
  • It has Unwavering Performance; by addressing minor issues before they escalate, AMC 1 helps your purifier maintain optimal filtration efficiency. This translates to consistently clean, delicious water that you can rely on, every sip, every day.
  • It provides us Peace of Mind Protection by Knowing your water purifier is in the care of trained professionals’ provides unparalleled peace of mind.
  • You can call our experts handle the maintenance, so you can focus on enjoying clean water without worry.

Main Features:

  • It has a plan of Comprehensive Maintenance.
  • You can experience the benefit of regular filter replacements, including pre-filters, post-filters, and RO membranes (if applicable). This ensures comprehensive purification throughout the year.
  • Professional System Cleaning, Enjoy a thorough system cleaning to remove any accumulated impurities and optimizes internal components for peak performance.
  • Expert Inspection and Diagnosis: Trained technicians will conduct a detailed inspection of your water purifier, identifying potential issues and addressing them proactively, preventing future problems.
  • Priority Service: As an AMC 1 member, you receive priority service in case of any unforeseen issues with your water purifier.
  • This ensures a prompt response and minimizes disruption to your daily routine.


Annual Maintenance Plan – AMC 1 Price -INR -1499/-

  • It has number of included filter replacements.
  •  This can vary relying on the model of water purifier and the specific filters it uses.
  • This is the Frequency of system cleaning.
  • This may be quarterly, biannually, or annually depending on the program and water conditions.
  • This is the kind of expert inspection.
  • This could include visual inspection, performance testing, and potential water quality testing.
  • It has Priority service details, This might involve faster response times, dedicated customer support lines, or priority scheduling for repairs.

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